The two piece cardboard bait boxes were a mainstay at CCBCO for over 45 years. Some baits used them longer than others.

It's commonly known the correct numbered box will add interest and value to a lure. The number code on the end of the box is either in the form of a printed label or a rubber stamp. The latter is seen in different sizes and in black or purple ink.

When grading two piece lure boxes, they should ALL be held to the same standards without regard to style or age! Some may argue that the earliest boxes should hardly be held to the same scrutiny as a common later lure box. I believe this lack of standardization for all boxes only clouds the issue, resulting in a lack of communication between hobbyists.

Also, any stains, pen marks, soiling, scrapes, fading, crumpling, stickers or other damage should be mentioned within a description of a grade.

M MINT - Some dealers/collectors disagree with this term. Call this grade what you want as long as its understood the box is as it left CCBCO - factory fresh, brand new! No rub, no extra markings, no stain or color change.
EX EXCELLENT - All colors should be bright & without fading. There won't be any color bleed from dampness. Slightest rub to box edges. The background color should retain its factory hue. No change in coloration as seen when boxes age. Obviously, no damage. As usual, any minor non-factory markings or other problems should be noted.
F FINE - Most sellers define Very Good then jump to Excellent. I see another grade between these two without deferring to the +++ or --- system. The surfaces are brighter than the lower grades. The colors are bold depicting little fade. The white background on the "fish" boxes has toned to a cream hue. Expect some rub to box corners. Overall, a crisp box that is attractive & sound as a (silver) dollar!
VG VERY GOOD - Brighter than a good grade but would still look odd with a high grade lure. Expect light soiling & possible stain here & there. Will have wear to edges & show much use. Sound construction. Not in relic condition but definitely not super bright or attractive.
G GOOD - An acceptable box for rare color & bait combos. However, the condition of the lure should match the box. Otherwise a mint bait would look out of character in a low grade box. Will show soiling, much wear, but should be reasonably sound & display all the text & or graphics. Expect a seam break & possibly other non-factory writing or store labels .
FR FAIR - A box in this condition has little value unless it has a rare number on the end of the box. One possible use is for storing or transporting lures to and from shows. Displays HEAVY soiling, crumpling, fading, scrapes, possible color bleed from dampness, corner or surface breaks. In other words, it has seen much better days.
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