Distinguishing Yellow Scale from Green Scale

One of the many dilemmas that pose a giant question mark for Creek Chub collectors is deciding the correct scale colors for certain metal Champ series and the fly rod metal Bull Pup.

Actually, the only two patterns that cause confusion are Yellow Scale and Green Scale colors. Yellow Scale was a catalog offering on all three series of Champs. Green Scale was available on the S-30 series standard size Champ
(S-39) and the S-40 series Musky Champ (S-49) but never offered on the S-50 Saltwater Champ series.

The fly rod Bull Pup metal bait was also offered in many colors, including both of these scale patterns.

The Yellow Scale has a green stripe on the turned-down face, down the back and “greenish/gold” scales on both sides. The belly has a white stripe. See figs.1, 2, 3 below. The green stripe and the scale color often cause collectors to mistake this pattern for Green Scale.

Yellow ScaleFigure 1

Yellow ScaleFigure 2

Yellow ScaleFigure 3

The S-39 Champ & the S-49 Musky Champ in Green Scale are actually quite different from Yellow Scale. Since so few in Green Scale are seen, CCBCo buyers usually don’t have one to compare against a Yellow Scale lure. The true Green Scale has: A black stripe on the turned-down face and centered on the lure’s back. A decidedly Green Scale covers most of the back and belly. A white stripe completes the underside. See figs. 4, 5, 6 below.

Green Scale
Figure 4

Green Scale
Figure 5
Green Scale
Figure 6

The rear of the “head” is solid red on all five Champs.

Since the fly rod Bull Pup is so small and the bellies are often a green color on Yellow and Green Scale, these tend to be more difficult to tell apart. Again, if you see a “greenish” scale pattern that matches the Yellow Scale in figs.1, 2, 3, it is that color – even if you are virtually certain it is Green Scale. I’ve seen the latter in a collection and the difference leaves no question.

Fig. 1, 2, 3 Yellow Scale Champ

Fig. 4, 5, 6 Green Scale Champ

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