Original 12 Pack of CCBCo Jointed Pikies in Fire Plug
This is an original twelve pack of CCBCo Jointed Pikies in Fire Plug. This "set" has been together since first shipped from the Creek Chub factory c.1950.
The fish motif shipping carton has "2632" stamped on both ends. It houses 12 individual lure boxes.
This carton is devoid of the usual pen marks and other notations often added by retail merchants, which deface and devalue the box.
Inside are 12 pristine individual two piece cardboard lure boxes, each stamped "2632". They hold a dozen totally original, mint lures. Each box also includes a 1950 CCBCo pocket catalog and a Gantron hook tag.
It is very unusual to find a 12 pack from this era that is original in all respects. Sometimes collectors attempt to "reconstruct" a full shipping carton by first finding a suitable carton. This is usually one that is marked with a fairly common series/color number so the collector has a reasonable chance to find the individual boxes and lures. Next, he or she attempts to locate 12 lure boxes with a matching catalog number plus a dozen identical baits.
Although it is an interest project, it's obvious the set has been assembled after the original shipment from the Creek Chub factory. Usually the correctly numbered boxes show various amounts of wear and soiling. It's also difficult to find 12 pristine matching lures from the same era, especially if it is a lure/color that was made over a long period of time.
Creek Chub's two fluorescent "Gantron" colors: #31 Rainbow Fire and #32 Fire Plug were listed as catalog colors from 1950-1954 and were offered in 23 different series

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