Due to the limited offering of lures by this company, the early “Intro Era” catalogs were actually flyers. Not until the 1920’s were the expansive full-blown catalogs produced as CCBCO added an extensive array of new baits.

Only six lures were available for the 1919 season. Each is illustrated in color on one side of this flyer that is folded into four pages. “Patents Pending” is listed by each of the baits. Also, the lure dimensions, color options, the price, & directions to properly fish these baits.

Each lure had its own numbering system for the different colors. For instance, the #01 color on a Wiggler was “Natural Perch” whereas #01 color on a Husky Musky was “Natural Mullet”. By 1925 the company decided to standardize the numbering system so virtually ALL baits used the same number for a particular color.

The reverse of this flyer is filled with testimonials from anglers. These early documents from CCBCO offer collectors a rare insight to the product line then offered by this emerging company.

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