This war time catalog is a smaller format than the regular full size catalog. Why was it produced? Logically one could assume it replaced the larger catalog because of wartime shortages. However, it wasn't a substitute for the bigger catalog because standard size 1942 CCBCO catalogs are known. Also, page twelve of the smaller catalog has the following announcement “Send for our big, new free, 1942 catalog”.
It certainly isn't a pocket catalog because its too long to fit in a standard lure box & when found, it usually ISN'T folded which was standard procedure on the pocket version.
I believe the answer is on page three of this unusual catalog. “New for 1942 /The Creek Chub Dive Bomber”. Below the description is a coupon, which states “Special Offer/ This coupon and 50c good for one ‘Dive Bomber’, any color, during this SHOW only”.
In my opinion this “in-between” version was a giveaway item at the 1942 Sporting Goods shows.

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