Creek Chub Deep Diver & Spinning Lure Shipping/Display Cartons
CCBCo introduced the Deep Diver (DD) lip in 1950 & the spinning bait line in 1952. The DD lip was eventually used on several series as an option. They were of course preferred by anglers who opted for greater depths while fishing than the standard lips would allow.
Creek Chub was faced with a minor problem. Most of the DD series wouldn't fit in the standard size "fish" motif boxes employed on many of the freshwater size baits. The new spinning size lures were conversely too small to fill the standard boxes. In 1950 the company designed a larger individual lure box with a WHITE border for the deep divers. It is 6" long versus 5 1/4" for the standard box. They also updated their line by introducing the spinning sizes with a smaller box  that had a  plastic slip-on lid in 1952.
They then turned their attention to the shipping cartons. For years they had used a beautiful carton with a fish design which held twelve boxed small or medium size baits. The new cartons were made larger for the DD baits & a smaller version was introduced for the spinning lures. They were fabricated from one piece of cardboard which folded & hooked together to form the carton. The lid had a die cut in it & a crease so the lid could be propped open & used as a nifty point-of-sale display. The style & colors on the DD & Spinning carton are similar except for some text & of course the size.
These cartons are seldom seen today & evidently were made in much smaller quantities than the pretty two piece fish design carton. Most of these various cartons were thrown away after the lures inside had been sold. I would assume the new DD & spinning cartons were introduced in the 1950-1952 period.

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