Herein is a breakdown of each lure & some personal notes:
This is one of several assortment boxes offered by CCBCO. I'm sure many of these were purchased as gifts for anglers, albeit an expensive one. This assortment cost $6.40 in the 1920’s- 1930’s. The old Creek Chub catalogs list the De Luxe Six set from 1925-1936.
The main box was covered on the outside with a pebbled teal color paper. Inside the lid is a large paper label listing each bait in the set.
Six individual boxes were set into the base of the main box; each covered outside with the same teal color paper. When located, most DeLuxe Six boxes are missing some or all of the baits.
Other DeLuxe Six assortment boxes have been filled with baits that are from the correct series but not necessarily the correct VINTAGE. All of these baits continued to be produced well after this assortment box was no longer in production. Some collectors have included baits from a later period in order to complete the set. From a purist point of view only baits that are from the correct production period are the right choice for this set. Finding a De Luxe Six box can be a major undertaking. Locating the CORRECT lures for this set can be a much greater challenge.
FINTAIL SILVER SHINER  #2103 - Should be the #03 Silver Shiner color & an example with flexible fins because metal fins in this series were not introduced until 1938, two years after this set was discontinued.
- This series number denotes a red & white bait. Early Wiggle Fish incorporated the unimproved lip without the ridges. Technically this set was phasing out around the time the improved lip was introduced but I think the set would look better with the earlier version because most De Luxe Six sets were made before the improved lip.
– Natural Crab color. This color was produced long after this boxed set was no longer available. Look for an early Crawdad with a lean body & a marked lip (tail).
– An enigma in this set.  The label denotes #1500 as the correct number for this lure. This exact number is for the Injured Minnow in Pikie color, a pattern that wasn't offered until 1938 on THIS bait; two years after the set was unavailable. #00 Pikie pattern has been produced since c.1920 on certain other CCBCO baits but I find it difficult to believe the company would have made a “special” for this set. Also, Pikie color was used on another lure in this set so it wouldn't have been duplicated here. Old CCBCO catalogs were checked to solve this matter. Unfortunately this is one of the only offerings printed in black & white instead of color. However a scale pattern can be detected in the illustration & it doesn't have the side “stripes” seen on the early Pikie color lures. I believe the answer lies in an inconsistency from CCBCO. When the Injured Minnow was introduced 1923 the "00" color for the Injured Minnow was Red Side (but not on all baits). Instead of changing the label to #1505 for the Red Side when the company standardized their numbers in 1925, CCBCO continued to use the old #1500 number because it didn't CONFLICT with another Injured Minnow using this number code. Again, the "00" Pikie pattern wasn't introduced until much later on this series. Therefore I believe the correct bait is the early Red Side pattern. 
– Pikie finish. This lure & color outsold all other combinations offered by CCBCO. Again, look for an early paint pattern & a double line tie specimen.
– Once more the company took liberties by renaming this bait “Baby Perch” instead of “Baby Pikie” because they selected the Perch pattern for this set. Baby Pikie is listed in all the old catalogs for this entire series regardless of the color of the lure.

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