One of several illustrated lure boxes produced for CCBCO to house their early baits. Each box displayed a likeness of the enclosed bait. These boxes are collectively known as “Intro” (introductory) types.
This particular box for the #500 series is the only one produced in a lavender shade. Most lids are now faded to other hues but the protected bottom section will usually display the original color. Entitled the “Open Mouth Weedless”; collectors are more familiar with the term “Open Mouth Shiner”. Although many Intro boxes such as the #700 Pikie & the #600 Husky Musky series are very difficult to find, this box is considered among the scarcest.
The numbering system was unique for each of the Intro series. For instance, the #02 color in one bait could be a different color in another early lure. The box end was sometimes marked with a rubber stamp denoting the color lure inside.
By the early 1920’s the company decided it was too difficult to produce a custom box for each series, especially after they began introducing so many new baits to the line. It was decided to offer a generic red, white & green box with a fish motif for the baitcasting lures. Other boxes were sometimes offered for the fly rod series first available in 1922.
This shift to a more efficient manner to house all baits spelled the end of the Intro box era.

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