This c.1917 flyer was included in the early CCBCO lure boxes. No other lures are listed because the #100 series Wiggler was the only lure in production when this was printed. There is an earlier version that shows an image of the lure in color instead of black & white plus a more limited lure color selection.
The paper has a coated finish to make it more impervious. The text explains the correct method to work this lure, how to change the lip for different fishing situations, five color options & a price of 85c! It has printing on one side only.
This flyer was found in Houston at a lure show auction. A lady who evidently had it passed down to her through her family brought an Intro boxed pre-1920 Wiggler to the show. The original Intro Box & #100 Wiggler lure are in excellent & mint condition respectfully. This paper was folded inside the box & appears to be untouched since a Creek Chub employee placed it there many decades ago.
Finding original, early paper documentation today can be more challenging than finding the actual baits. Most paper work was thrown out or destroyed by the ravages of time.

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