During part of the 1930’s & 1940’s Creek Chub stencil painted the lure name (e.g. Pikie Minnow) on the back of many of their lures. Before that most of the lures were identified only by the name of the company on the bait's metal lip. If an angler wanted to buy another lure of the same type they had previously used, he or she had to remember the lure's name.

The newer process of stencil marking was a very good marketing tool because the name of the lure was now clearly marked. Creek Chub used a special paint mask, a brass template that was placed over the top of the near finished lure. A cutout stencil had the correct model name in the proper location. A CCBCO lure painter airbrushed a gold color over the cutout area resulting in a beautiful gold moniker on the lure's back. These baits are still referred to by collectors as a “stencil back”.

Following this method of marking CCBCO decided to gold IMPRINT the series name on the back, belly & sides of most lures. Evidently, it was less time consuming than the old stencil method.

This particular paint mask is stenciled “Husky Musky” & stamped “600” (the Husky Musky series number). Some of the old gold paint still shows around the stencil area. The mask bottom has clips that hold the lure in place when it is being stencil painted.

It was purchased from a descendent of one of the CCBCO owners & is part of the fascinating history of this small town Indiana Company.

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