Creek Chub produced this set for a few years in the late 1920’s & early 1930’s. The box compartments held six baits. Although it's illustrated in the early CCBCO catalogs in black & white, a study of the image reveals the colors of the lures.
The correct colors & baits are: #701 Pikie – Perch, #1505 Injured Minnow – Old Red Side, #2402 Wigglefish – Blended Red & White, #2618 Jointed Pikie – Silver Flash, #2819 Weed Bug (aka Weed Frog in this color) – Frog Finish, #S-1 Wicked Wiggler (a nickeled metal bait). 
A completely “honest” set should include baits that are also the correct VINTAGE. Some of the series were made much later than this set. The proper lures should have the earlier hardware (where applicable) & older style paint patterns. 
The exterior of the box is covered with a light green paper in a small diamond pattern. The six insert boxes are also covered with the same paper on the outside. The lid interior has a colorful Creek Chub “canoe” scene label.
Oddly, the old catalogs show a different black & white label with two fishing related pictures. However, the Select-Six boxes I've seen have the “canoe” label. 
The original cost of more than $6.00 prevented most enthusiasts from purchasing this assortment set. I'm speculating that many were purchased as a gift for anglers.
Today, few of these unusual boxes have survived. Most were either thrown away because they didn't fit in a tackle box or were damaged by exposure to water and weather. 
When filled with the correct baits, this set becomes a mini-display of its own.

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