This handsome carton was used to ship a dozen individually boxed lures. The lid top features three bass chasing a Jointed Pikie & company advertising. The sides of the lid were printed upside down when the lid was closed. When the lid was removed & flipped over, the bottom could be nestled in the lid so customers could view the individual boxes. The side designs would then be in the correct position. The end panels were printed in the upright position & the bait name and/or number was listed. The store’s owner could easily check his backup inventory by looking at the end marking on his closed carton.
This particular shipping box is rubber stamped #1624 on the end. It would be a difficult chore filling this carton with twelve of the correct boxed lures. Where would someone locate this many Baby Injured Minnows in Redwing Blackbird?
These cartons are fairly difficult to find today because they were of course made in a much smaller quantity than the individual boxes. Also, the twelve packs were a “throwaway” item.

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