CCBCO #9100 & #500 Spoon-Tail Factory Display Board
This set of eight baits represents a unique display assembled by the Creek Chub company, c.1955. It apparently hung in their offices & was carried to sporting trade shows to promote these mid-1950's lures.
Each bait is attached to the black velvet covered board by thread & has a tiny label next to it denoting the correct factory color. The board is divided by a black on white banner marked "Creek Chub". Above the banner are the #9100 baits & below it are the #500 replacement number Spoon-Tail lures. There are two catalog colors for each series (02 Red Head/White, 18 Silver Flash) & two "specials" (07 Mullet, 34 Blue Flash). The board & baits are protected by a modern frame.
The #9100 series is smaller in all respects except the screw eyes. The wooden body alone is 1 1/4" long whereas the #500 body is 1 7/8" long. Both baits have painted eyes. The metal lip points down then turns about 90 degrees & acts as a platform under the body. It angles 90 degrees upward at the tail. A screw eye in the belly holds the platform & a treble hook in place. A rear screw eye holds the upturned metal plate plus a flap which in turn is attached to the trailing hook. 
A 1955 CCBCO catalog lists the #9100 series as a "spinning lure"' suitable for many species of fish. The #500 Spoon-Tail is listed with the regular size lures. The catalog states under the #500 "Also made in Spinning Size - the #9100 series". Therefore, CCBCO considered the larger Spoon-Tail a bait casting lure.
These intricate lures were made for less than three years - late 1954 to 1956. Although they aren't considered an expensive bait today, they can be difficult to locate in "minty" condition. As usual, "special" colors are much more unusual to find. These series were available in four catalog colors: 00 Pikie, 01 Perch, 02 Red Head/White, 18 Silver Flash.

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