The lures/colors offered in this assortment box are:
#100 Wiggler - Chub
#201 Baby Wiggler - Perch
#300 Crawdad - Natural Crab
#502 Open Mouth Shiner - Red & White
#700 Pikie - Pikie
#808 (later changed to #806) DeLuxe Wagtail - Goldfish.

This six-lure assortment is the rarest of the three different cataloged "six-pack" Creek Chub combo sets. The Super-Six set was offered from only 1921-1925! The other six-lure sets were dubbed the Select-Six & DeLuxe-Six. They were sold well into the 1930's. The Super-Six has some features that set it slightly apart from the other combos.
1. It has built-in partitions between each of the lures. These partitions & the interior bottom are covered with the same dark teal color paper as the exterior. The other two combo boxes have an open interior bottom. Each lure nests in its own insert similar to the bottom half of an individual lure box.
2. Each Super-Six lure is illustrated & described on a label inside the lid. One clue that identifies this as an early combo, even if you don't have access to vintage CCBCo catalogs, centers on the DeLuxe Wagtail bait in Goldfish. It is numbered #808 on the interior label. This is a number used by CCBCo for this lure & color until sometime during 1925. It was then changed to #806.
There is another six-lure assortment box pictured in Dr. Smith's book on CCBCo. However, the box has NO markings nor is there any reference to it in any Creek Chub catalogs. Today, it remains a mystery. Shur-Strike also issued a "six-pack" set marketed under the name of "Brooklure". Other collectors have told me it was produced for Spiegels.
In any case, the Super-Six, Select-Six & DeLuxe-Six constitute a complete grouping of marked CCBCo "six-packs".

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