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Series:  #1300 Fly Rod Pikie (Bass Size) 

Years Produced: 1924 – 1945     Length: Listed at 1 5/8”     Weight: .2 oz.

General Notes: A larger companion to the #1200 series. CCBCO issued the #1000 through #1300 fly rod series in the regular numbering system used typically for larger baits. It was quickly decided to allot a special fly rod “F” prefix to the balance of the growing family of fly rod baits also issued in 1924. By 1937, the “F” series also started using the #1000 to #1300 numbers for other fly rod baits. Don’t confuse the two groups. #1300 Fly Rod Pikie has no lip, one belly hook, painted eyes, a metal leader attached to the line tie.

Description of Pictured Lure:
#1300 Pikie pattern. Slightly larger than the #1200 trout size. Same type hardware and painted eyes as the #1200. Made in only three colors: Pikie, White with Red Head and Red Side.