CreekSpeak" - Show 'N Tell

Series: #3000 Jointed Husky Pikie 

Years Produced: 1929 – 1978     Length: 6 1/4”     Weight: 2 oz.

General Notes: The usual transition from a slimmer profile, unimproved lip, double line tie to a wider body, reinforced lip, single line tie, etc. Produced with glass eyes in fifteen catalog colors until 1960. A scarce example is #13 Black, produced from 1957-1960. This series was made until CCBCO closed in 1978. Wooden versions w/ tack eyes first offered c.1961. No wooden lures 1965-1966. Plastic baits were made from 1965-1978 in conjunction with the wooden models. This & the #2300 Straight Husky Pikie have always been among the best sellers for CCBCO of any of their large size lures. 

Description of Pictured Lure:
#3033 in Black Scale. Produced only from 1952-1956 with glass eyes. It has all the late features including “Creek Chub Pikie” gold imprinted on the back. This color made on 23 different series.