"CreekSpeak" - Show 'N Tell
Series: #500 Open Mouth Shiner

Years Produced: 1918 – 1931     Length: 3 1/4"”     Weight: .5 oz. 

General Notes: Produced for only 14 years, this lure is tough to find in nice condition. Also seen in sizes other than the standard 3 1/4”. The #03 color in this series is the “Natural Shiner”, actually a variation of the Silver Shiner. This was CCBCO’s first painted eye bait.  It is also found without eyes. Usually seen with a pair of double hooks. The early catalogs refer to the “darting action”. From this, collectors have concluded the #2000 series Darter lures evolved from this bait.  

Description of Pictured Lure: #503
in Natural Shiner. An odd departure for Creek Chub during this period of time. Painted eyes, no metal lip. The hooks aren’t soldered so they can be removed in case the angler wanted to change a damaged one.