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Series: #5000 Close-Pin 

Years Produced: 1936 – 1945      Length: 3 1/4”     Weight: 1 oz.

General Notes: Made in one combination of colors only. Sometimes seen with the upper tail fin in red but pictured in the catalog with this section in golden-yellow. Usually offered with gold plated hooks & screw eyes but again there are exceptions. Has a long lead weight in the upper fore section. It is near the surface so it is usually broken through the wood & paint. Listed at 1 1/2 oz. but I weighed it at 1 oz. Produced for the “demand of the salt water fisherman” as stated in an early catalog. This lure is on virtually all CCBCO collector’s “want list”.

Description of Pictured Lure:
#5000 in Close-Pin. This example has all bright metal hardware except screw eye in tail which is gold plated. Most #5000's, but not all, have all gold plated hardware including hooks. This lure is usually found in well used condition attesting to its fish-getting ability.