"CreekSpeak" - Show 'N Tell

Series: #5600 Dinger 

Years Produced: 1939 – 1954     Length: 2 1/4”     Weight: .5 oz.

General Notes: 4” long with its hair tail. Similar to other hair baits, the horsehair tail is dyed to match the bait color. All Dingers have a marked lip. A nickel plated head plate is marked “Dinger”. Later a brass head plate was substituted, perhaps during WW II when there was a shortage of nickel (a metal so important that it was even deleted from U.S. 5c coins, too). Finally, the head plate was eliminated. Some earlier examples have the model on the plate & “Dinger” stenciled on the lure’s back. An early catalog had this to say “Proves itself irresistible to all types of game fish“.

Description of Pictured Lure:
#5618 in Silver Flash. A later type without a metal head plate & no body model marking. Has the usual lip with company & patent markings. The hair tail is red & white, matching the color scheme of the lure. The rear hook is held by an unusual dogleg external bracket tacked into the belly. The other end fits into a screw eye that in turn fits into the tail slot. A metal leader seems to be standard.