"CreekSpeak" - Show 'N Tell

Series: #6500 Baby Bomber

Years Produced: 1942 – 1945     Length: 2 3/8”      Weight: .3 oz.

General Notes: Developed during WW II because of a metal shortage. The “lip” is actually an extension of the wooden body. The two most exciting colors are the #02 Red & White Victory & the #29 Red & Yellow Victory. The “V” & the Morse code for this letter are airbrushed on the side  (the code is actually backwards). This series was listed after the war but marked “not available”. The 1942 catalog states “will create havoc among the fish population“. No painted eyes on the Victory colors.

Description of Pictured Lure:
#6502 Victory. This lure was made in Red & White with the Victory design, but not in plain Red & White. The “V” sign was brought into prominence during this era when Churchhill held up his fingers forming this letter to signify victory over the Axis powers. It became a sign & a symbol of the times. The three Bomber series usually have painted eyes except on the Victory finishes.