"CreekSpeak" - Show 'N Tell

Series: #7500 Surf Popper 

Years Produced: 1955 – 1958     Length: 7 1/8”     Weight: 3.5 oz.

General Notes: A giant wood bait with painted eyes. The largest Plunker style bait by far. The tail is internally weighted for casting into the wind. Made in five colors. Soon discontinued due to a shortage of White Cedar. Its sheer weight & mass often are factors in causing damage even while in a protected box. Shuffling & temperature swings can cause pointers & severe age lines even on “unfished” baits. This bait came in a huge red, white & green box without any fish graphics.

Description of Pictured Lure:
#7535 in Purple Eel. Considered one of the toughest colors in this series. Through-wire construction & weighted, but considered a top water bait. “Creek Chub Popper” gold imprinted on its back.