"CreekSpeak" - Show 'N Tell
Series: #800 Deluxe Wagtail

Years Produced: 1922 1954     Length: 2 3/4"     Weight: .6 oz. 

General Notes: Originally made with a plain tail, CCBCO soon changed to a fluted tail. The same body as the #200 series Baby Wiggler except the front hook cup is drilled on the belly closer to the front of the lure to allow room for two belly treble hooks instead of the single treble belly hook ( & a tail hook) on a Baby Wiggler. The #06 Goldfish is among the most desirable colors in this series but not necessarily the rarest color.

Description of Pictured Lure: #806 in Goldfish. This catalog color was made for only three lures: #100, #200, #800 series.  Its considered by many to be one of the most admired colors produced by this company. A later version of this color was made in the 1960s, after the focus of this study.