"CreekSpeak" - Show 'N Tell

Series: #9600 Deepster 

Years Produced: 1953 – 1954     Length: 2 1/8”     Weight: .25 oz.

General Notes: A totally new design. Its name was surely derived from the long unmarked lip which allowed this bait to dive deep. A split ring line tie is attached to the lip. No metal cups for the two tiny trebles. Usual painted eyes for spinning baits. Made in five colors including #36 Black Sucker (different than Black Sucker used on #3900 Sucker series).

Description of Pictured Lure:
#9636 in Black Sucker. Standard deep diving lip, painted eyes, airbrushed blush on both sides. “Deepster” gold imprinted on the belly of this flat bottom bait. This color is the most desirable pattern on this series.